ACR Build (Preview) Now Supported In All Public Regions

ACR Build, a native container build capability of the Azure Container Registry is now available in all regions ACR is available. That’s 23 regions worldwide as of July 23rd 2018.

ACR Build enables network close builds, alongside your container registry. While docker has an efficient image layering scheme, image layers can grow in size. Reducing the network distance your image pull and push operations must travel is key to improving reliability, speed and reducing network egress costs.

Wherever you run your Azure Container Registry, you can now build Linux, Windows and ARM right alongside.

OS & Framework Patching of Containers

ACR Build is primarily focused on the container lifecycle management challenge. ACR Build supports:

ACR Build is currently in preview, incorporating feedback. Based on feedback, we’ve recently enabled:

  • remote context, such as an existing git repository with nested folders
    az acr build
    -t hello-acr:{{.Build.ID}}

    and nested folders
    az acr build
    -t hello-world-of-windows:{{.Build.ID}}
  • multi-tagging support -t image1:{{.Build.ID}} -t image1:latest
  • ARM support
  • Windows support
  • {{.Build.Date}} is coming soon

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Give it a try. Tell us what you need.

For more information

Any other feedback, feel free to leave larger comments here, user voice, twitter (@SteveLasker)

Steve and the great members of the ACR team