//build session: On the Shoulders of Giants: Building Apps that Consume Modern SaaS Endpoints with Visual Studio 2015

Dave Carrol @DCarroll and I just finished presenting a session for consuming services using the new Add Connected Services experience in Visual Studio.

For info on Connected Services:

https://aka.ms/ConnectedServices General info 

https://aka.ms/ConnectedServicesSDK for building a Connected Service

I also want to take another chance to thank  Tanner Lindsay www.TannerLindsay.com and LANDESK www.LANDESK.com  for letting us talk to their scenario and let us review and share portions of their code.

The LANDESK UMP Sample is available here: github.com/SteveLasker/LandeskDemo

The Visual Studio Online Connected Service Sample is available here: github.com/SteveLasker/VSOnlineConnectedService