SQL Server Compact Books – now in Spanish

For our Spanish customers, Jose M. Torres just published a book covering SQL Server Compact for our Spanish customers.  Been a while since my Spanish was up to par, but Jose is one of our MVPs for device apps, so just gives him instant credibility in my book.  I’ll have to get a few copies for hand outs and do some translating.  But, should make for a good read for those looking for more info.

It’s worth listing some other books as well:
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition by Prashant Dhingra and Trent Swanson.  Prashant was a member of the SQL Server Compact team and has some unique perspectives. 

Windows Mobile Data Synchronization with SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server Compact 3.1 by Rob Tiffany, William Vaughn, and Catherine Wyatt.  Rob, with his Microsoft Consulting Field experience, and Bill, with his always unique, funny and very real experience also makes for a great read.  Merge Replication can be one of the most powerful, and most difficult things to get correct.  Rob does a great job demystifying how to get the most from Merge Replication using SQL Server Compact.

Bill also wrote this eBook for SQL Server Compact which was very insightful as well.  What I love about Bill is he’s brutally honest, but has the real world perspective many of our customers demand.