Heading to Tech Ed US 08

It’s that time of year again.  A quick note on some of the sessions/panel discussions I’ll be presenting at, and some others that relate to SQL Server Compact.



Wednesday 8:30AM-9:45AM

Unlocking the Power of Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5
With Visual Studio 2008, you can now embed SQL Server Compact as dlls directly within your application. But you’ve seen the intro talks; now what?  In this demo packed session, Ginny and Steve will dig into the more advanced scenarios for how to take advantage of SQL Server Compact within your applications. How to write managed Stored Procedures, sharing a common dll between desktop and device apps, using SQL Server Compact as a custom document format, tips on maximizing performance and how to deploy and version a local database within your app are all just some of the demos you’ll see to maximize your end users productivity with Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server Compact.

Location: S220 E

Presenters: Ginny Caughey and Steve Lasker



TEO Panel _24
Wednesday 1:00PM-2:00PM

Building Offline Enabled Applications Panel Discussion
In an online world, why are we building offline apps? Because networks are only occasionally available, or occasionally not available. However, building Offline apps is a bit more complicated. Come bring your thoughts to a panel of speakers that work on enabling offline apps from the storage, sync, programming model, and UI stack. The panelists will discuss what we’re working on today, and what’s coming in the future.

Location: Open Spaces on the main floor
Panelists: Steve Lasker, Ginny Caughey, Rob Tiffany, Liam Cavanagh, Glenn Block



TEO Panel _33
Friday 2:00PM-3:00PM

LINQ in the UI Layer
LINQ is commonly known as a great way to query data from external sources (databases, web services, XML, SharePoint, etc). However, there are numerous other places where LINQ can make the developers life much easier when working on the end user interface, especially when you incorporate DataSet into the mix. This panel will talk about these approaches and the possible pitfalls of using them.

Location: Open Spaces on the main floor
Panelists: Erick Thompson, Steve Lasker, Amanda Silver




Building Custom Sync Providers for the Microsoft Sync Framework
Andy Wigley
Wednesday 2:45




Introduction to Microsoft Sync Framework
Liam Cavanagh
Thursday 1:00




Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Ultimate Performance Tuning
Darren Shaffer
Thursday 4:30




Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET: From Desktops to Devices
Liam Cavanagh
Friday 8:30




Taking Data Offline: Introduction to Microsoft Synchronization Services for ADO.NET
Liam Cavanagh
Friday 4:30

Road Trip

The week after Tech Ed Developers we’ll be doing our next Road Trip.  We still have some time in a few of the cities, so if you’ve got something interesting, let me know and we might be able to swing by.

  • Tampa Florida, Monday-Tuesday, June 9th-10th
  • Los Angeles , Wednesday, June 10th
  • San Francisco, Friday, June 13th

PowerPoint Presentation

The following links were posted prior to Tech Ed. In typical fashion the content will continue to evolve until we actually present.  I’ll leave a note here when these have been updated post the session.

Tech Ed US 08 DAT325 – Unlocking the Power of SQL Server Compact

The following demos were presented either as part of the Unlocking the Power of SQL Server Compact session Ginny and I gave, shown at the booth, or shown at other presentations for our June ’08 Road Trip


We’ll be spending a lot of time at the booth hearing from all of you that have started to work with Compact.  We continue to hear about cool scenarios, so come on by, and tell us what you like and what you think we need to do in our 4.0 release.