Help improve Docker Container Tooling

The Microsoft Cloud Platform tooling team is looking for customers that are already using Linux Docker Containers in development and/or production to see how we might improve overall Docker tooling.

I’d really like to understand:

  • How are you using Containers Today?
  • What is your actual development through production workflow?
  • What would you like your workflow to be?
  • What’s really easy; don’t worry about it?
  • What’s really hard; please help us?
  • What do you really need, vs it would be nice?

While we’ve recently added Windows Container Support, from an Azure and Tooling Perspective, we’re most interested in what customers are already doing with Linux Docker Containers today so that we can provide great tooling for development, testing, build, production, or wherever you feel you need the most support. That might be in Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, eclipse, the Azure Portal, or stand alone tools. We’d like your help understanding what you’re already doing before we decide what we’d like to focus on next.

I’d really like to talk with you for just 15 minutes. Please contact me here so we can learn more about what you’re doing.