VSLive 2015, Connected Services & Docker Tools for .NET Presentations

Last week, i had the opportunity to talk about Connected Services and Docker Tools for .NET 

Thanks to Brian Randal for chairing VSLIve and the chance to talk about these two cool topics.

The presentations are here:

  • TH19 Docker for .NET Developers – What You Need to Know 
    Docker has become one of the hottest topics for developer teams targeting either on-prem or in the cloud. In this session, we’ll give a brief overview of why .NET developers should care about Docker, delve into how Docker, Docker Compose, and Docker Swarm work, and show how to build, test, diagnose, and deploy .NET apps to both Linux and Windows Server containers. You’ll learn how Visual Studio makes it easy to deploy your app to a container and how to build an automated CI pipeline that deploys to a container using Visual Studio Online.
    Since I’m new to Docker Containers, and I was getting a sense many others were as well, I did the presentation in the spirit of what is it, why do I care, and since the session was pitched as a what do you need to know as a .NET developer, I tried to make it fun and relevant for preparing .NET apps for Containerisms.  
  • TH15 On The Shoulders of Giants, Building Apps That Consume Modern SaaS Endpoints with Visual Studio 2015
    Enterprises are expected to build modern apps, ship them to their customers at an increasingly faster pace, with increasing expectations for the functionality they provide. In this session, we demonstrate how to easily build apps that consume services from SaaS vendors like Microsoft and Salesforce. We walk through how you can use Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 to build web and mobile apps, enabling your company to deliver increasing functionality with modern services, while focusing on the unique differentiations of your business
If you’re using Containers or Connected Services, I’d love to hear about your experience over all.