I'm baaaaackkk

Well, after 2 years away from DevDiv, I just couldn’t stay away. While I had a great time working on the billing system for Microsoft Online Services, such as Office 365 and Azure, met some great people across various divisions and did some innovative work building what will likely be one of the largest billing systems in the world, I just missed working with external customers and working on the future of our development platforms.

So, as of last November, I’ve joined the Silverlight team, which includes many of the folks I worked with when I first joined Microsoft over 7 years ago. I’ll be focusing on our Line Of Business (LOB) scenarios, and our UI Framework. We’ve got some exciting work coming up with Silverlight 5, which I’m sure you’ve all seen at the FireStarter, but there’s more to come.

So, here’s to an exciting 2011, and I look forward to hearing from you, yes, the corrective šŸ™‚ feedback is just as interesting to know what you like, what you don’t, what you need more of, etc.