Heading to Tech Ed EMEA Barcelona

I always love going to Barcelona.  Sure, it’s a great city, and loved riding motorcycles into the mountains last year with my wife; but it’s just a great event to attend and present. It sort of like PDC and Tech Ed US wrapped into one event. 

Anyway, I’ll be giving two presentations this year, and attending a panel discussion.  After the sessions, I’ll post the samples and the deck…

DAT314  Unlocking the Power of SQL Server Compact 3.5 
Tuesday, November 11, 5:00-6:15pm

With Visual Studio 2008, you can now embed SQL Server Compact as DLLs directly within your application. So you’ve seen the intro talks; now what? In this demo packed session we’ll dig into the more advanced scenarios for how to take advantage of SQL Server Compact within your applications. Writing managed Stored Procedures; using SQL Server Compact as a custom document format; running the database directly from a DVD; and tips on maximizing performance – these are just some of the demos we’ll show to maximize your end users productivity with Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server Compact

 DAT01-LNC  Tell Us Where it Hurts! SQL Server Product Feedback Discussion 

Thursday, November 13  12:20-1:10

Now that we’ve released SQL Server 2008, what would you like us to do next? SQL Server 2008 has great new developer functionality but we need you to tell us what we’re missing. What are your pain-points as a developer and the scenarios that go with them? We may make some suggestions as to alternatives and workarounds, but primarily we’ll take your feedback back to the SQL Server product group for analysis. After all, it is customer feedback that is the primary driver for getting new features into future versions of SQL Server. If you can’t attend, please provide your feedback on SQL Server via the http://connect.microsoft.com/sqlserver site.

DAT405 Managing and Versioning Client Databases
Friday, November 14 3:15 – 4:30

Versioning a server database is challenging enough, but at least you can walk up to the Server. What do you do when you have thousands of desktop, laptop and mobile devices within your enterprise or deployed to consumers with several different versions of the app and database? In this session Steve will cover a strategy and implementation for versioning databases associated with your application that can be deployed via ClickOnce or any other based deployment technology.

If you’re attending, come on by…