SQL Server Compact Team Coming to your location… (Road Trip)

As part of our vNext release planning, we’re heading out on the road to meet some of our customers.  With the assistance of Jon Box we did this a few weeks ago driving 1,400 miles around Arkansas and Tennessee and we had a blast.

Do you have an interesting usage pattern of SQL Server Compact?  Interested to host us for a few hours to tell us about it providing feedback on what we’re considering for our next release? 

The 1-3 hr agenda sort of goes like this, with a 1/3 of the time allocated to each.  We’re very flexible, and as long as we’re talking to “developers”, they’ve all gotten a lot of value from the meetings thus far.

  • Overview of how your using SQL Server Compact. What works well, what’s doesn’t.
  • We break into some Demos and conversations on what you could do today to make better use of Compact for any challenges you may be facing, but are already available within the product.
  • Feedback on what we’re doing next. Based on the context setup earlier, are we fixing the right issues, enabling the right new scenarios, making your job easier so you could focus on the business tasks of the application?

When: We’ll be in Florida for Tech Ed Developers.  We’re looking to meet with customers the week of June 9th and will drive/fly to your location  Depending on where each company is located, we’re mapping out our “road trip” accordingly. For this trip, we’re staying within the US but will travel anyplace within the US.  We’ll likely do a European road trip later this year around Tech Ed Europe.

If you’re interested, please contact me here and we’ll see what we can do to setup a meeting,