C++ development will speed up with the use of SQL Server Compact

Jim Springfield, an Architect on the Visual C++ team has just posted a great example of how SQL Server Compact will be used to speed up search time during C++ development.  It’s a great example of where traditionally databases were too overkill and in-memory processing with XML or custom collection management is  just too slow. 

What’s great about this reference is nobody is more critical about perf than the C++ team. 

IntelliSense, Part 2 (The Future)

The feedback on Jims post are interesting as well. Once you have information in a queryable form, that’s also fast, lots of interesting possibilities come up.

This is just one of the great examples where SQL Server Compact is being used.  Because Compact is embedded within the application code, you don’t even know it’s being used.  “It just works”.  There are many other teams at Microsoft using Compact, but can’t talk about all of them just yet.  It’s always great to hear about the great scenarios customers have, so if you’ve got a similar scenario, let us know.  We’re in the midst of our vNext planning, so the timing is perfect.