MSDN Webcast: Introducing SQL Server Compact 3.5

On Wednesday, Jan 16th ’08 from 9am-10am PST time, I’ll be doing an MSDN Live webcast covering an introduction to SQL Server Compact 3.5.  This will be my first public presentation of SQL Server Compact since we’ve shipped last November. 

Working at Microsoft is interesting.  Because of the ship cycles, by the time we’ve shipped the product, many of us have been working on the “next thing” for several months.  It will be great to finally show the product we actually shipped, and everyone can get started.

This presentation will be mostly based on the SQL Server Compact presentation I gave at Tech Ed EMEA, so if you want to get a preview of the content, you can download the deck here:

Presentations & Demos from Tech Ed Barcelona 07

SQL Server Compact Deployment
Using SQLce under ASP.NET
Creating Database Schema In Code
Direct Data Access with the SqlCeResultSet
ISAM Data Access with the SqlCeResultSet
Database Viewer-Used for Security Demo
My Recipe – Using SQLce as a custom doc format

The Tech Ed content is based on 75 mins, so I’ll be trimming this a bit, and leaving some time for Q&A.  I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you.  BTW, if you have some specific topics you’d like me to cover, I’m finalizing the content today for anyone that wants to submit some ideas.