Win 2k support and VB6 samples for SQL Server Everywhere Edition (SSEv)

The purpose of releasing the CTP of SQL Server Everywhere Edition (SSEv) was to get feedback. We’ve gotten lots of feedback and we really appreciate it.

Win2k Support
One of the areas was needing support for Win2k as it’s still used widely in organizations. In reality, Win2k does work, we simply were trying to manage our test costs as nothing comes for free. Based on the feedback from customers at Tech Ed Boston, blogs, forums and other means, we’ve decided to bite the bullet and add Win2k to our test runs, so Win2k will be officially supported and documented as a supported platform.

VB6 Sample
Another block of questions was “how can I use SSEv from VB6”. While we’re not being as “official” in support of these scenarios, they do appear to work and Sitaram posted a sample for how to construct the connection string for SSEv. So, why do I caveat official? SSEv happens to work with classic ADO because the team followed the basic programming guidelines at the time. However, because SQL CE, at the time, was only supported on devices, it was never tested with VB5/6 because that was a desktop programming environment. Embedded VB (eVB) was a different beast. So, the team has written some samples and posted them. If there are bugs, let us know, but depending on the bug, it’s hard to promise it will be fixed as this is an older platform that we’re trying to move forward from. Win2k is a different issue as Win2k is essentially the same as XP for the point of view of the SSEv team, so the “cost” to support Win2k is minimal.

Sitraram’s post on Win2k and SSEv