Tech Ed 06 Slides and Demos on SQL Server Everywhere Edition


DEV351 Developing Local and Mobile Data Solutions with SQL Server Everywhere Edition

Many developers assume wireless will be everywhere, enabling applications to communicate with centrally located servers. Any developer who’s actually tried deploying broadly connected applications knows this is simply a dream of an alternate universe that only frustrates users with reality. Users want their applications to just work, and their data to be available, even if the network isn’t. In order to build an app that can work offline you need some key components such as a real database. SQL Server Express is most definitely a real database, but many find it too capable for the local and mobile data needs. With the explosion of data everywhere, this session explores how you can leverage SQL Server Everywhere, the recently announced personal data store built on the proven SQL Mobile product. Learn how you can start programming against SQL Server Everywhere today. We cover deployment options including ClickOnce, designer support within Visual Studio, and the ADO.NET programming including updatable cursors using the SqlCeResultSet. Empower your users with Windows Client Applications that work where the user is, not where the network may be.

DEV343 Offline Data Synchronization and Caching with SQL Server Everywhere Edition

One of the advantages of Smart Client development is supporting cached or fully disconnected operations. Built on the proven codebase of SQL Mobile, SQL Server Everywhere is a lightweight, in-proc database solution they can be easily deployed without struggling with the tradeoffs between JET, XML and SQL Express. Once you have a real database you need to think about different sync technologies. Steve covers the various architectures and sync options available today with SQL Server Everywhere including Merge Replication, Remote Data Access. We also cover the pros and cons of DataSet and SQL Server Query Notifications, as well as the future of sync for building Occasionally Connected Applications. Empower your users with Windows Client Applications that work where the user is, not where the network may be.


Database Viewer

Synchronizing SQL Server Everywhere with Remote Data Access (RDA)

SqlCeResultSet, an updateable, scrollable cursor