VSLive Toronto 06 – Occasionally Connected Systems & Advancements in Data Access

Now that we’ve gone public with SQL Server Everywhere Edition I was able to talk a little more openly about some of our Occasionally Connected Systems work.  SQL Server Everywhere Edition is the first of many steps about our future work to enable end users to work anyplace, anytime. 


At VSLive Toronto I gave the following presentations.


Occasionally Connected Systems


Demo uses RDA, but gives an overview of the scenario we’re enabling.  The demo includes some samples of how to create a BackgroundTask and a Outlook style toolstrip for background sync status

See Demo Videos of SQL Mobile / SQL Server Everywhere Edition for videos of RDA usage and configuration.

OCS Demo

Advancements in Data Access 


  • Discussion on how to seperate Typed DataSets from their TableAdapters
  • TypedDataSet.Skip Schema
  • How to implement an ITableAdapter interface to update master/detail scenarios with TableAdapters. 

ITableAdapter Code Sample

Splitting Typed DataSets from TableAdapters – Sharing Validation Code across the tiers walkthrough